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Managing Your Money Throughout The Custom Home Building The Process

Buying any home takes time and money, and there are subtle nuances to purchasing new construction. Whether you’ve already found a custom home builder in Nashville or you’re in the
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What To Do Before Building A Custom Home

Thinking about building a custom home? Your home will be built to your exact specifications, but there are a few things you must do before construction begins. Maybe you are
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How to Decorate Shipping Container Homes

We asked our Nashville-based custom home building team for tips, and they delivered! Shipping container homes are becoming increasingly popular in Nashville, thanks to their affordability and sustainability. However, decorating
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Things To Ask Before Choosing A Custom Home Builder

If you’re in the market for a new home, Nashville has many custom home builders to choose from. But how do you know you’re making the right choice? Today, we’ll
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Can I Design My Own House To Build?

Can I design my own house to build? Absolutely, but not without some help, which may come in the form of a modified floor plan or specialized software. Designing your
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How Long Does It Take To Build A Home?

How long does it take to build a home? It depends, but typically averages about a year. Full customization may take longer. If you are ready to build your dream
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