How long does it take to build a home? It depends, but typically averages about a year. Full customization may take longer.

If you are ready to build your dream home, you should know that this is not an undertaking that happens overnight. Any custom homebuilder in Nashville will tell you that it’s probably going to take about a year, and that gives your builder, architect, and yourself time to ensure that you have the right space that’s tailored precisely to your needs.

A Complex Process

Building a custom home is a complex process that requires time, planning, and orchestration of people and materials. The weather and other external factors also play a part in building a new home from the ground up. If you’re wondering how long does it take to build a home, there are several phases in the construction process, and each will never have start and finish dates set in stone. These phases are:

  • Preconstruction. If you’ve chosen a custom home builder in Nashville, preconstruction is the first step. This is when you’ll secure your financing, buy your land, and make sure that your project is appropriately permitted and approved. This can take just a few weeks to several months or more, and this timeline depends on the overall complexity of the project as well as local regulations. A home in a pre-existing neighborhood that only allows specific exterior elevations may take less time.
  • Design and planning. Design and planning is the best part of the job for a custom home builder. This is when you and your team sit down and start to make your vision a reality. You get an opportunity to work with your architect or home designer to create a detailed blueprint that essentially acts as a map of your future new home.
  • Site prep. So you’ve spent several weeks to months on the design phase. Now, it’s time for site preparation. Your custom home builder will clear the land, excavate, and make preparations for the foundation. Assuming the weather cooperates (Nashville is notorious for unpredictable weather), you can expect this to take 2 to 4 weeks.
  • Construction. Now it’s time to see your home begin to take shape. When the foundation is set, your custom home builder will get to work on framing, plumbing, electrical, roofing, insulation, drywall, flooring, and more. You can expect this to take six months to one year, and you may not choose your final finishes until close to the end of the building phase.
  • Inspection. Inspections happen throughout the building process, and your custom home builder can give you an idea of when these take place. Your new home will have to be inspected by the building codes department and, in some areas, a special team of electrical codes regulation specialists.
  • Finishing touches. The final stage of the building process concludes when your fixtures, appliances, and landscaping are in place. Now’s the time to pack your bags, perform a final walk-through, and put your wreath on the door, because your home.

While you’re not going to get instant gratification with a custom homebuilder, you’ll get the long-term satisfaction of knowing that every stick and every brick was placed just for you and your family. Your custom home might take time, but it is an investment that is worth the wait. Contact Providence Builder Group today, and let us help you make your dream home a reality.

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